Mental clarity and unshakable confidence for women moving into politics

gain the power and influence you need to implement the changes you envision

How I can help you

I want you to have a deep understanding of the fundamental workings of the human mind. I teach people about nature’s design for optimal human functioning. Like everything in nature, your mind is designed to work perfectly.

When women leaders learn about this design, they learn to recognize the role that feelings play in keeping them on track with optimal mental functioning. Stress and distress are actually indicators that you are using your mind in ways that take you out of alignment with this perfect design.

With that awareness you are able to bring yourself back into psychological balance when you lose it, and restore your ability for mental clarity, resilience, and confident decision making.

The unique strengths women bring to leadership are highly effective and bring diversity to the political field.

Research shows that diversified leadership is more effective and less prone to tunnel vision. The power of feminine thinking is big picture thinking, and including both perspectives makes the diversified political field more whole and considerate.

– Annika Hurwitt
“I have been blessed with a professional relationship with Annika Hurwitt for over a decade. She is a remarkable teacher and coach – uniquely gifted at helping her clients access the deepest, truest and most resilient places within, so that we can bring our presence and full self-expression to any situation we face. Annika is so deeply grounded in the principles she teaches that any story or challenge I have presented to her has been reflected back to me as the perfect opportunity to remember who I really am and what I am up to in my life. Every time… without fail. As just one result of the first Intensive I took with Annika, I was able to turn vague questions about what was next into a real and actionable vision that has become a successful consulting and research group serving vital mission organizations and communities around the world. Her support has been the gift that keeps on giving, and it has touched every aspect of my life and in the lives of my friends and colleagues. If you have the good fortune to work with Annika, start now.
Heidi Sparks Guber
Founding Partner, Fourth Quadrant Partners LLC

About Annika

Annika worked as a psychotherapist until 1993, when her life was completely transformed by her introduction to The Three Principles that explain psychological functioning and human evolution. Since then Annika has coached thousands of people who have left behind stressful mental habits and begun to experience lives of psychological freedom. Annika works with individuals and couples, as well as leaders, organizations and teams. She also trains and mentors Three Principles Practitioners. Annika lives in Temple, NH with her daughter Rhianna.”

“I was new and in a leadership role for an ambitious nonprofit organization two years ago, feeling miserable and overwhelmed and driven by anxiety. Annika’s thoughtful and spot-on teachings of the Single Paradigm quickly changed my life. I learned how to take myself from a state of overwhelm to mental clarity, and I quickly found I had a new attitude of “I can do this”. I now approach difficult situations with ease and insight. My working relationships have improved, and I have access to higher-level problem solving from a clear and calm mental state. I credit Annika with helping me keep my job and not only that, I now enjoy it!”
Kathleen Gilbert
Marketing Hurricane Island Outward Bound School
“Annika’s impact on myself, and therefore my work-life, has been profound. When we started I felt like I never had enough time, my mind was always racing and, and as a result I was under constant stress. In working with Annika I learned some fundamental facts about how my mind works, which allowed many of my stressful thought habits to fall away. In its place came mental presence, more mental clarity, and a better ability to connect with people. This is absolutely vital in my line of work, as I am expected to be a thought partner, creative problem solver and to have the ability to generate fresh thinking with my clients. Annika’s insight is invaluable and absolutely worth the investment.
Alison Zmuda
Author and Education Consultant